by Tony Frye

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released February 14, 2012

All songs composed by Anthony Frye (BMI) and published by Microbrew Musical Services (BMI).
All instruments and vocals by Tony Frye except drums by Todd Richardson and Ryan Stohs and piano by Shenelle Williams (where noted)



all rights reserved


Tony Frye San Francisco, California

Tony Frye's influences cover the whole spectrum of music but none are as obvious as his love for The Beatles, The Kinks and classic Motown house band The Funk Brothers. All his music is self-produced and distributed on the Microbrew Music label, which he owns and manages. A true do-it-yourself musician. ... more

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Track Name: The Life I Lead
Grab my hat and pet the dog
I'm heading for the evening fog
To play another gig

Tell my wife she's on her own
She's gonna have to eat alone
But that's the life we live

Loading up my car with another new guitar
And a book of music I'll never read
Groovin' to the radio, always living on the go
But that's the life I lead

Never saying no, no matter what the show
Their money's all the same to me
Gotta play the game, to make a better name
You gotta pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues

Load in on a Friday night
Check the levels, tap the mic
And grab a couple beers

Start the show a little late
You're better if they've had to wait
And bask in all their cheers

When you're at your best, the crowd will all request
You sing about a bird that's been freed
Groovin' to the radio, always living on the go
But that's the life I lead
Track Name: Taking Off My Clown Shoes
I'm the life of the party
Your Laurel and Hardy
A laugh a line at cheaper than dirt.

I'm the master of pit falls
The shooter of spit balls
You'll laugh at my jokes till it hurts.

You'll finally have to entertain yourselves
I'm taking off my clown shoes
This ain't the life that I'd choose
Taking off my clown shoes
Being funny shouldn't be so hard.

You dig when I'm crazy
You laugh when I'm lazy
I please the people all of the time

When I'm quiet for too long
You wonder what's gone wrong
Like not being funny's a crime

You'll finally have to entertain yourselves...

Well I'm not going away
But there's one thing that I have to say...
Track Name: King of the World
He says yea
And she says nae
And they're both saying it to me

Then they shoot me a look
Of utter disgust
Because they think that I can't see

But when you ask sir, why must you treat me this way
He simply turns to you and nonchalantly says

I am the king of the world
My wishes are your hired command
And I want no more disputes
The emperor has made his demands
Bow down before me I'm the king of the land.

He can't find
And she wants nine
And it's my fault that they can't see

Then they make me confess
The place is a mess
Because they think it's caused by me
Track Name: I'll Never Know
You held me in your hands
And bid farewell
You'll never understand
But you won't tell

We'll never have the days
To see our dreams come true
And I'll never know, loving you

The days turn into years
You love me still
And through a haze of tears
You always will

We'll never have the days
To see our dreams come true
And I'll never know, loving you
Track Name: True American
Crimson river running down his ear
Warm gun powder lighting every fear
Pulse is rushing, danger's coming near
Tomorrow he'll do it again

The smell of warm gun powder
Fills his bloody head
Fourteen men are wounded, thirty more are dead
Chief commanding officer, sits behind the lines
Barking out the orders where to put the mines

With the blood running down his face
He runs on like a man
To a body bag right out of this place
Like a true American

He never sees his mother
He never kissed his girl
He's busy taking orders
He's out to save the world

He never questions his orders
He never backs away
He's always on the ready
Born to save the day

Ladies and gentlemen
We're gathered here today
To mourn the loss of a friend
Who gave it all away
Ladies and gentlemen
He fought the best that he could
He gave it all for his land
Like American's should
Track Name: Walking Out The Door
Till it's walking out the door
You don't know what you've got
But you don't know what you want out of life anyway

When you're standing all alone
You'll realize what you had
And it's gonna make you sad that you let her go

As the days go by in the night you'll lie
Alone there in the dark
You can't get her out of your mind
And you can't get her out of your heart

You'll miss her when she's gone
But you don't beg her to stay
And there's gonna come a day when she hits the road

Another guy will come
And take her in his hand
Then you'll finally understand that she was the one

Take it from a guy who's been there before
You don't know you love her till she walks out the door
You don't know you need her till she ain't there no more

You better go get her you'd better act fast
You better not let this moment last
How long's it gonna take you son to realize that she was the one
Track Name: Never Replace That Love
The wind paints a picture with her sun bleached hair
You think you've seen her someplace but you don't know where
And when she comes walking your way
You don't know what to say

Her eyes won't deceive you they just speak her mind
You'll never find another 'cause she's one of a kind
There's not another girl for you in all the world

You gain so much pleasure with a look in her eyes
You still get butterflies when you see her walk by
And every time she passes you your heart starts to race
You can never replace that love

The sun whispers softly on her golden skin
You try to say you love her but you can't begin
Words weren't meant for this you tell her with a kiss

The moon dances graceful in her shimmered eyes
You know that in this world there are no luckier guys
Perfection never fades it only changes shades
Track Name: Everything's For Sale
There’s a man selling raptures on the radio
Pushing paths to enlightenment for a rate really low
And he’ll use your fear of dying for the bait on his hook
Best pay today before Heaven’s all booked

There’s a man selling singles in a dirty rag
Women hot for love, must be rich, no kids, a Jag
And she’ll kiss you on the first date if you take her out nice
But if you’re paying with a coupon don’t plan on dating twice

Everything’s for sale today
You’d better act fast call now don’t delay
Everything in life has a price tag on it
And someone in the shadows to tell you why you want it

There’s a man selling lemons at a local stand
With his fingers crossed while he’s shaking on your hand
And he’ll throw you fancy numbers and low A.P.R
For a two percent commission on another crappy car

There’s a man selling readings at a corner booth
With a deck of cards he can guarantee the truth
And he’ll rummage through your wallet without any qualm
To tell you that your future is written on your palm
Track Name: Now That I'm With You
Have you ever loved a person
From the very first sight
Have you ever seen the rain fall
Before it's left the sky

Now that I'm with you I'm seeing things I never knew
I hope this moment lasts 'cause I don't recall I like the past
I'm liking what I see

Have you ever seen a rainbow
In just a single rose
Have you ever been to heaven
In the comfort of your home

It didn't take me long to see that I love you
You love me too
Track Name: Your Underscore
Everywhere people stare I don't care I'm in ecstasy
Left you there, unaware, all we share is a memory
Now I'm gone, moving on, it's the dawn of a fairy tale
Curtains drawn, you're a pawn I'm foregone in a burried jail

Fates are signed, undefined, we're entwined but we're never near
Standing blind, fore mankind, I'm inclined but i never fear
You awake with an ache, you mistake it for something more
I forsake, when you break, for your sake I'm your underscore